Relieve Family Stress

End Battles About Chores

Does everyone in your home assist with the household chores?

Or do you feel like you're picking up the slack most of the time?

This free PDF guide contains a step-by-step plan for setting house rules that can end the battles for good. I'm totally serious.

man in gray long sleeve shirt holding baby in red and white long sleeve shirt

Yes, you can end the:

  • reminding
  • yelling
  • nagging
  • negotiating
  • begging

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Want to avoid nagging the people you live with to do their chores?

Stop negotiating with your children or partner about household chores.

Stop randomly threatening to take away their phones/video games.

Stop feeling like "you have to do everything around here!!"

What if I told you that:

  • you could have peace of mind about household rules...
  • there is an easy formula for setting boundaries...
  • AND this formula could be used throughout your life to reduce stress.


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"Parents: Set House Rules That You Feel Great About"

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